Posted by: inisoraya | October 29, 2009

what the means of paraparapa?

For this name (paraparapa), I did some extra study. I opened my japanese conversation book again and I found some words which I thought it is visible to be the name of this site.

Para para is little rain (I don’t know what it means in English. In bahasa=gerimis)

The ‘pa’ that I put in the last word, first because the has been already taken with a person. But, the ‘pa’ was not I take without thinking about. If we can read it : parAPArAPA.

APA APA“: because I wanna be a person who always asking and asking, no need to feel that I am the best person in the world, the cleverest, etc, so yeah, asking is not that bad.

The objective of this blog is to be a place for me to post things about Japan: One of the country where I want to visit after England. I have learnt about Japan when I was in high school, especially from one of my best friend whom Japan-addict. Thanks to her.

Perhaps I’ll post something in paraparapa either in English or Japanese or maybe Bahasa INdonesia if I can’t think too much.

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Posted by: inisoraya | October 29, 2009

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